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Mod Title Version Description Author Location
 ACP BBCodes Display   0.1.0 Dev  Display the BBCodes as sortorder "ID", add the Picture from the Mod "BBCodebox Light" Shona
 ACP Overwrite Module - Zeiteinstellungen überschreiben   1.0.0b Dev  Erlaubt es Administratoren die Zeiteinstellungen (Zeitzone, Sommerzeit, Format des Datums) sämtlicher Benutzer mit den Standardeinstellungen des Boards zu überschreiben. Besonders nützlich zum Aktivieren/Deaktivieren der Sommerzeit für alle Benutzer. bantu Website Website
 Autologin as Standart   Snippet   Autologin as Standart Shona
 BBCodebox Light   1.0.2   BBCodebox Light for phpbb3 makes presentation of the bbcode buttons nicer using images instead of buttons. This version includes onmouseover helpline.

Authors: Dakin Quelia & Simon (and a little touch by Stoker
Dakin Quelia & Simon Website Website
 Board3 Portal   2.0.0 b1  Adds a portal with several blocks to your forum.
You can change the settings, move the blocks, add new blocks and more in the ACP.

Included language files:
» English (en)
» German (de)

More languages can be found in our International forum:

de Fügt ein Portal mit diversen Boxen deinem Forum hinzu.
Im Admin-Bereich kann man unter Anderem die Einstellungen ändern, die Blöcke verschieben, neue Blöcke hinzufügen und vieles mehr.

Enthaltenen Sprachdateien:
» Englisch (en)
» Deutsch (de)

Weitere Sprachen kannst in unserem Internationalen Forum finden:
marc1706 Website Website
 Contact Board Administration   1.0.10   Allows guests and/or registered users to either send an email to admins or to either send a PM or make a Post in a designated forum. RMcGirr83 Website Website
 Link zu Nutzungsbed. & Datenschutz. im Footer   Snippet   Mit diesem kleinem Snippet wird im Footer des Forums ein Link zu den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie eingeblendet. nickvergessen Website Website
 Mods Database   1.0.7   Adds a simple Mods Database for keeping track of the mods installed on the board with possibility to add various additional information.
Mod detail page to view the additional information, admins with appropriate permissions will be able to see installation date on mod detail page.
lefty74 Website
 New Messenger Icons and Style changes   0.1.0 Dev  New Icons for the Style "1Game" and some changes in the Template File Shona Shona
 phpbb gallery   1.1.6   phpbb_gallery An image-gallery integrated into your phpbb-board. Features nickvergessen Website Website
 Prime Links   1.3.0   Modifies links within posts so that local links are correctly classified as such. It can also apply a target to external links (e.g. to open in a new window) and prepend links (e.g. to apply an anonymizer). primehalo Website Website
 Prime Logout Return   1.0.1   Returns a user to the page they were at prior to logging out, unless they were in the Admin Control Panel, Moderator Control Panel, or User Control Panel. primehalo Website Website
 ReIMG Image Resizer   2.0.1   This MOD depends on client-side javascript support. However, it will not break without javascript, there will simply be less functionality (i.e. too large images will not be resized after all).

This MOD has been tested successfully with the following browsers:

* Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9
* Firefox 1.0, 1.5, 2, 3, 3.5, 4.0
* Opera 9.27, 9.5, 9.6
* Safari 3.1, 4
* Mozilla 1.7
* Google Chrome
* Konqueror 4.2.2
* Epiphany 2.26.3

Since this MOD was not designed for any of these browsers specifically, any other W3C (semi-)compliant browser should also work.

Included with this MOD are two versions of the reimg.js and litebox.js javascript files:

1. In root/reimg/ you will find the compressed versions, which are smaller in file size and will download more quickly. (For more information visit
2. In contrib/js_original/ you will find the original javascript files with reasonably documented source code, which is more easily hackable/editable.

By default the compressed versions are installed to optimize for speed.

To change settings go to ACP -> .MODS
Additional zooming methods are available but the libraries will need downloading.
DavidIQ Website Website
 vBulletin Fake Navigation   0.3.0 Beta  Changes the navigation into the look of a vBulletin Style Shona

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