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Skorpion1976 6vs6

Hi! This is my server: Left4Dead2 Server:
Thanks to Shona I am able to run it on her server in germany. It is 6vs6 and there is a lot of fun stuff implemented!

The most important first, the commands:

!teams = shows player panel with ALL players in the respective teams
!team2 = switch to Survivor Team
!team3 = switch to Infected Team
!spectate = Eat a donut and watch your bot die ^^
!perks = Shows perks menu.
rank, top, next = Information about your players gameme stats. (You don't have to type the "!" at the beginning of the command).


Question 1: "I cannot switch to the other team".

Answer: The other team is either full or has more players than your current team. If you wanted to switch to survivor, this only works if there is at least one alive bot.

Question 2. "Why are not all the perks enabled"

Answer: For example, charger is already running twice as fast with 100% more impact power than normal. There is no need for perks, too much buffed otherwise.

Question 3. "Why does the saferoom door sometimes not open immediately?"

Answer: The server waits 90 seconds for ALL players to be in the game after a mapchange. Those players who would need longer because of their connection/internet, get auto-kicked. = In very few situations you wait max. 90 seconds for the action :)

Question 4. "How does selfhelp for survivors work?"

a) Simple answer: get pills or kit and keep DUCK key pressed. If nothing happens, you cannot rescue yourself and have to rely on your teammates :D.

b) Long answer(plugin logic):When you are incapped or under attack, you can pull yourself up with a medkit or pills/adrenaline. Simply keep CROUCH/DUCK key pressed until progress bar is at 100%. If you have both kit and pills/adrenaline: The medkit is used before incap, the pills/adrenaline help you up AFTER incap. If you have only pills/adrenaline and are under attack, you can get up AFTER incap. You dont understand it? Read answer a) ;))

More Questions or problems? Then please ask them here

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