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MInecraft Update 1.3.1
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Author:  Shona [ Sun 12. Aug 2012, 15:46 ]
Post subject:  MInecraft Update 1.3.1


Seit dem 1. August 2012 gibt es nun das erwartete Update für Minecraft das folgende Änderungen mit sich bringt.
Wann wir das Update installieren wissen wir nicht, da wir noch auf die Plugin Updates warten und auch schon vor einem kleinen Problem deswegen stehen.

Zwei Plugin werden anscheinen nicht mehr Weiterentwickelt und das sind "Falsebook" und "Pailstone", weshalb alle Redstone Schaltungen die damit gemacht wurden nicht mehr funktionieren werden.... :(


    + Single-player now runs a server internally
    + Publish the single-player instance to LAN
    + Automatically detect LAN worlds in multi-player screen
    + Added “cheats” option in single-player (enables commands)
    + Added “bonus chest” option to give players a quicker start in a new world
    + Added adventure mode (work in progress)
    + Added trading with villagers
    + Added emeralds, emerald blocks and emerald ore
    + Added cocoa beans to jungles
    + Added the Ender Chest
    + Added tripwires
    + Added new creative mode inventory with search functionality
    + Made it possible to gain enchantment orbs from mining ore and smelting
    + Added writeable books
    + Added “large biomes” world type
    + Added temples to jungles and deserts
    + Added chat settings
    + Added option to turn off and view snooper data
    + Added more information on the debug screen (F3)
    + New launcher with “Play Demo” button if not premium user
    + Added /seed command to see map seed
    + Added /defaultgamemode to set default game mode in a world (affects new players)
    + Added /debug command for profiling
    + Added SRV record lookup support
    * Decreased max enchantment level from 50 to 30
    * The /tp command can now send players to a specific coordinate
    * Mobs can spawn on flat surfaces (such as up-side-down stairs)
    * Updated language files
    * Mobs are much less likely to glitch through blocks
    * Server list can be reordered
    * Nearby items in the world will auto-stack
    * Stars are smaller and brighter
    * Sky color in The End has been changed
    * The “pick block” functionality has been improved
    * Certain items that previously wasn’t stackable can now be stacked
    * Hill biomes are slightly taller
    * Wooden log blocks can now be placed side-ways
    * Wooden half-blocks now act as wood
    * Water slowly drips through leaves during rain
    * Minecarts and boats will be placed by dispensers, if possible
    * Gravel texture has been modified
    * Levers can be placed in the roof
    * Creepers’ explosions damage is now modified by difficulty
    * Performance improvements
    * Other bug fixes…
    - Removed Herobrine

Author:  Moerdog [ Fri 17. Aug 2012, 18:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: MInecraft Update 1.3.1

Es ist ein neuer Patch da 1.3.2. Ich naap habe wieder ein update gemacht. nur mal aus interesse, wann ziehen wir nach

Author:  Shona [ Sat 18. Aug 2012, 12:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: MInecraft Update 1.3.1

Wenn ich zeit und lust habe die ganzen plugins zu testen =) weil vorher installiere ich nichts auf dem Hauptserver

Author:  Moerdog [ Sat 8. Sep 2012, 14:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: MInecraft Update 1.3.1

Ich habe jetzt schon eine weile nicht spielen können. Wollte mal fragen wann das update integriert wird.

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